Welding projects

Welding Projects for Hobby Work, Home Work, and Commercial Work!

Gone are those days when welding was confined to just mechanical or manufacturing professionals. Today, it is a favorite hobby for many enthusiasts for whom it is a creative fun to mend or make things.

It is a fact that welding projects can help anybody having any skill level to expand their knowledge base by comprehending and learning different techniques and basics.

Both for experts and beginners, welding can prove to be a great and unique means of income. As several learners desire to convert their hobby into something that makes a profit, welding can be the same for you too. They gradually take up welding projects to make money.


However, there are many difficulties involved in earning by welding. As a beginner, you start by collecting money to meet the initial expenditure.

After all, you will only purchase materials and equipment required for welding. This can be a costly affair in case you are selling the output too economically.

This is the point where you need to think on this: Do you wish to make affordable stuff that you can market quickly, or do you want to go for bigger items for a niche market to get more money although it can be tougher to sell? What is on priority: a high profit or a quick revenue? Well, this is your personal decision.

No matter what your decision is, there are many great welding project ideas that can give you simple to attractive items of daily or occasional use. While a few are cheap and chirpy, some are a bit more complex to make and must be made only after sharpening your welding skills.

It is just a matter of choosing your own idea category and project, wearing all the protective accessories, and start welding!

Beginner Welding Projects


This is the category of easy welding projects for those who are about to get started with welding projects.

  • Table: How about welding a simple coffee or kitchen table with perpendicular metal stands or with metal pieces making up the upper frame. Metal planks atop can give room for fastening to give a strong space to hold heavy items yet light enough in overall weight to move.
  • Tray Table: If not a simple table, you can consider making an attractive tray table usable as a laptop stand and side table. The C-shape version needs least welding.
  • Shop Stool: This is perhaps a useful item. Thus, it is also one of the profitable welding projects that you can take up at home. You simply need to weld top and bottom frame pieces and up to four angle iron brackets for legs, perhaps by using the MIG technique. Lastly, you just need to put a soft seat atop, made using square steel. Here, there are no intricate or complicated components to weld. You can even create exactly the one (a high-rise one) that you have seen in a hardware or welding workshop.
  • Shoe Rack: You can easily build a small shoe rack for storing your shoes. All you need is some scrap metal pieces and welding can be truly easy.
  • Metal Bracket: This is another easiest item to make and it is quite easy to sell but with a low profit. It is perhaps an ideal start for any beginner or for the one who needs a quick turnaround. You simply need a few metal pieces of a small size, which you then join together via welding. Do not be fooled by its appearance, as it has a variety of uses.
  • Bell: Some waste steel and a small cylinder can make up a doorbell. You can even have this bell in your own bedroom. The overall appearance can seem unique once you attach it to something on the wall.
  • Firepit: A half sheet steel that is 2.1mm thick is simply enough to make a distinct firepit. It is actually simple to make a pit of your own size as per the requirements.
  • Bookends: For this welding project, only two metal pieces of the desired shape should be welded at a right angle. It is also a nice idea to weld a small sheet of steel to the welded pieces for some unique touch or use.
  • Trellis: This welding project can be highly creative. However, to start with, a small mesh or open-design trellis can be a great motivation. Take this up if there are growing vines or vegetables in your backyard or garden.
  • Pen/Pencil/Stationery Holder: This can be a useful item to consider if you work from home. You can simply or weld hollow steel tubes onto a flat metal piece. It takes a few minutes to do so. You can make a holder of any size or design that can make an elegant addition to any desk.
  • Lid Stand: Want to make a Dutch oven lid stand? Well, you can make this by welding three to four horseshoes or from to four medium-sized straight steel sticks. Obviously, the horseshoes ones will be hefty but it will look unique and attractive as well.
  • Horseshoe Rack: It is perhaps the easiest to collect 4-5 horseshoes, and clamp and weld them mutually. Next, add the holders for making it hold your apparels. Doing so takes only a few minutes.
  • Sitting Bench: You can easily create a small bench for garden or mudroom, which can be of your desired dimensions. Depending upon the design, you may need to know the basic metal cutting technique. However, in case of a simple bench, the job is pretty straightforward to give a great touch to your home’s exterior or interior.
  • Workbench: Do you have some scrap materials in your garage? Then, you can consider making an easy-to-move workbench. You can make it in such a way that it can also store some stuff beneath it or on it. Want to add some functionality? Why not have a rolling base?

Small Welding Projects

You can start with one of these welding projects if you enjoyed making those from the project ideas for a beginner.

  • Storage Shelves: Who does not need a storage shelf? Even you as a welder would require it for storing all welding tools and accessories in it securely. You can put all big and heavy items on the bottom shelves, while light and most useful items on the top shelves. For creating such a sturdy shelf, you need angle iron for the legs and square metal tubing that will help you to make frames. You will also need a big number of clamps for clutching all pieces together. In case you are making a tall shelf, do remember to fasten it well to the wall or place sustenance beams in a diagonal way.
  • Firewood Caddy: As a startup, this one can have a simple design for which you need to have a square metal tubing. This tubing should be strong enough to take up a noteworthy weight of the firewood on it.  It is possible to make it nicely with scrap metal in your garage.
  • Fire Pit: How about enjoying the heat from the fire lit in your own fire pit? A simple pit of metal looks graceful and uplifts the central place in your patio or backyard. It is a fact that a metal shall quickly become hot that can harm the touching hands. However, you can prevent this safety hazard by digging into the ground where you can place the pit and arrange some rocks surrounding it. For making a simple design, just take four metal sheets and weld it to form a square followed by welding rods at corners for right anchoring.
  • Accessory Holder: Do you have lots of clothing accessories or jewelry? If yes, then why put money in buying its holder? Rather, consider making it creatively at home by welding perpendicular small pieces of steel to form a tree outline. Once done, weld this artificial tree to a square steel piece for placing the art on a table. If you wish, consider adorning the item to give a real look to the rustic one.
  • Garden Art: Countless people spend their free time in gardens for relaxation or rejuvenation. So, creating a garden art can be one of your favorite welding ideas for profit, if you are creative enough to make some cool arts. You can even make for your own garden. There are ample choices to choose for making this art but more popular stuff relates to animal and human art.
  • Miniature Art: Do you love miniature items such as cars, tanks, humans, motorcycles, and any other vintage showpiece? If yes, this can be one of your hobby welding projects. Even in commercial terms, making these items by welding metals is a good idea, as most people love them and it is also easy to make them. For example, you can make any such item using spare nuts, bolts, or metal parts.
  • Hanging Name Plate: Instead of an attached name plate, why not have a hanging one? You can make it in minutes just by welding wrought iron. The output is likely to render an additional level of elegance at the first glance of an onlooker. This is one of the small welding projects that give a classier look to your home or office as compared to those nailed into the door.
  • Wall Clock: Consider this welding project idea if you are ready to make various small welds with accuracy as well as alignment. This is because you will be perhaps dealing with steel rods of one-fourth inches for making circles and even thinner round rods for creating numbers. Behind the clock, you may consider adding a diagonal support in the form of a cross.
  • Tricycle Planter: Do you spend most of your time in outdoors? Well, then a simple planter made from welding the wrought iron is perhaps a superb touch to any garden patio or a window shelf. This kind of welding is easy and quick, as it involves wrought iron. The only test here is to shape the metal to restore its suitable shape.
  • Shepherd’s Hooks: This is one of the easy welding projects with basic iron or steel. The beauty of this item is that it is versatile, as you can use it in different ways. It can hold a bird’s nest, a plant hanger, a small lamp, and even a flag. You can even consider it as a distinct trellis for a plant that is a climber.
  • MIG Gun Holder: This can be one of the most useful items for you if you do MIG welding quite often. It is obvious that you will need to set your gun for moving gears. So now, instead of putting the gun on a side, this plain holder will accommodate your gun safely, regardless of your workplace.

DIY Welding Projects

If you feel that you can take up some welding projects on your own after working on beginner and small welding project ideas, consider items in this category.

  • Hammer: Consider this challenge if you are an experienced TIG welding who has practiced basic skills. Here, you need to affix a handle to a head. Just doing this much safely and effectively prepares you for making other DIY tools such as a fireplace poker and a vertical hook. This is how you will be able to prepare something useful to you or sellers, even if it means in the near future.
  • Wheelchair Ramp: This can have a great demand in your own home or by your buyers, in case there are physically challenged people to take care of. So, if a wheelchair is what you or they use for those people, getting through the raised doors is problematic. This is where the idea of a ramp can work for making the desired access easier than before.
  • Tote Tray: This is where you can show your real TIG welding skills for aluminum. Just a tip: Before you start, just go through some cool videos showing TIG welding tips for this project. Doing so will help you finish your next project more easily than expected.
  • Wagon: Consider this item if you have some scrap metal and do not want to go with a complex welding task. you can create a flat wagon by welding hinges for wheels, supports, and a frame. This is actually easy to create and is useful around the yard. However, the ones who have tried, say that balancing the hinges is a challenging affair due to which proper prior research is essential.
  • Wood Stove: Why not have an affordable wood stove at just 20% of the market price? Well, this is something you will not get from a marketplace but from your own welding skills. You can make a stove by purchasing some supplies, a cast iron door, and a steel drum for welding.

Cool Welding Projects

Want to make something really cool or creative? Well, then these fun welding projects are for you.

  • Candle Holder: How about using horseshoes for making a holder for candles? This can be a creative fun! Consider this as one of the most reliable welding projects for making money. By making holders of different sizes and shapes, you can attract the customers of aromatherapy, homemakers, home rejuvenation, and emergency lighting.
  • Horseshoe Bottle Rack: This is another cool horseshoe welding project. It is very rare to think of this use of horseshoes. Consider this welding project if you have several horseshoes of different sizes. However, just ensure that not only small bottles of spices but even wide ones can fit well inside the horseshoes.
  • Decorative Gate: If your creativity at its peak, this can be one of the coolest welding projects for you. Consider it if you want a testimony of your own skills in front of you while entering and taking an exit from your yard or home. Giving a great accent, a decorative gate is actually simple to weld with any kind of option as well as skill level. It does not take much time to weld the bars and frames. With such accessories, it is easy to have a matchlessly stunning gate. Really cool welding projects right?
  • Washer Bowl: Have some steel parts of the same size at home or can you buy some? If yes, you can create some of the most fascinating bowls probably for washing stuff. Initially, you may feel that making such a bowl is a time-consuming affair but it actually takes just an afternoon to do so. Just ensure that all pieces are of steel!


You can choose any of these welding projects for honing your welding skills if you are somewhat experienced. Still, it is wise to start with beginner and small welding project ideas first and then move on to the DIY and cool categories. Just take care of safety issues by using the required accessories.

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